About Us

About Us

Travel Baby & Tot’s was born one evening after returning home from vacation with my spouse and our two toddler children.  Just like everyone else we had been locked away at home social distancing due to the pandemic.  So when the country started to open back up we decided to take the kids on their very first plane ride.  We knew traveling with young kids would bring on its own set of challenges but when you add a stroller and two heavy car seats this brings on another level of difficulties.

We arrived at the airport garage and began to unload the car when we quickly realized there were no luggage carts.  Time was of the essence therefore we had to improvise.  I removed the kids from the stroller and began to load it up somehow lodging the car seat inside just enough that they were barely hanging on and tossing everything else on top making an unstable but portable cart.  With bookbags on our backs and babies in tow we made it to the check in area not without a suitcase or two falling in route.

After checking our bags and the car seats things eased up a bit and it started to feel like vacation instead of a moving job.  The next event which I’m sure has happened to a few of you parents as well occurred when we arrived at our destination.

We exited the plane and stood to the side waiting on the airline employee to retrieve our stroller from underneath the plane only to get it back damaged. I’m not going to name drop but this was a pretty expensive stroller, and it was ruined.

At that moment I wished I could have left my babies stroller and car seats at home and rented one for our travels.  Oh, how I could have saved so much money not having to replace that damaged stroller and could have eliminated all that extra work.  I thought how it would change the game for parents traveling with kids to just arrive at the airport and pick up the items they reserved online.

Travel Baby & Tot’s is that game changer.  We provide a rental service of children’s strollers and car seats through a reservation system that can have your select items waiting for you when you arrive, and when you return just drop it off at one of our return racks and enjoy your ride home, it’s that simple.   Let us do the hard work and worry about damaged gear you just enjoy the family and have a great vacation.  At Travel Baby & Tot’s your chariot awaits.


What Are Clients Say

  • Ryan G.

    Our last trip with the kids resulted in the airline damaging our stroller which is why we decided to rent. We reserved online and then received a call from TB&T to confirm our reservation.  We were met at the airport by one of their representatives who answered all our questions and even gave us a quick tutorial of the equipment. Great company and I’m glad to see that customer service isn’t dead.



    Great Company

    I cannot begin to tell you how wonderfully convenient it is to have access to this service! For a long time I've been traveling through the airports with my small children throughout the year and my husband and I would dred having to tote car seats and strollers....but with TB&T, We simply reserved the equipment ahead of time, and when we arrived at the airport it's all ready to go! Saved me so much time with wayyy less aggravation! The stroller (double) was in great condition and clean. Thank you travel Baby and Tots, won't ever have to "pack" a stroller again, A true timesaver!

  • Crystal B.

    Great products

    A friend of mine told me about this company and I will agree, great products and very clean. I rented one of the jogger strollers because I always wanted to try one and it was great, and my son enjoyed the ride. It was a good way of trying out a different kind of stroller and because of this I have purchased the same one for home. Also I loved how they stayed in contact with me to make sure we received our item.  I will use this company again when traveling with my son.

  • LYNN C.

    Awesome Customer Service

    I used Travel Baby and Tots when I had to travel with my family on vacation. I must say it was a load off my mind and my luggage. To know that it was one less thing I had to load in my vehicle taking up space because when traveling with a family of 5 and 3 of them are females (lol), even with large trunk space a stroller can take up a lot of the space. I arrived to the airport the stroller was available ready and clean. I have recommended this company to a lot of other parents I know who find it to be convenient for them when they bring family on business trips as well. I will be using this company again.  Customer Service was awesome.

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